Fournil 97 is a bakery specialized in traditional and gourmet European breads in Sydney since 1997.

Fournil 97 breads are “Par-baked” (“partially baked”), it means that dough has been baked until it was around 80% done, then removed from the oven, cooled and freezed. This ensures bread retains its flavor and texture. At its final destination par bake bread is thawed and popped in the oven to finish off baking.

Par-baked ensures that customers receive the highest quality product, which tastes just as good as breads that are delivered fully baked.

Fournil 97 offers a large variety of bread from white bread to sourdough and rye bread, here is the range we stock:



  • Baguette 300g (28/ctn)
  • Half Baguette white 160g (48/ctn)
  • Banette 180g (48/ctn)
  • Capucine 80g (80/ctn)
  • Ciabatta Panini 150g (36/ctn)
  • Grand Batard Sourdough 300g (23/ctn)
  • Turkish Bread 540g (12/ctn)



  • Athletes Loaf 550g (15/ctn)
  • Seagal Unsliced Rye & Linseed Loaf 550g (15/ctn)
  • Lemon Myrtle Bush Dukka 300g (23/ctn)
  • Half Baguette Rye & Sunflower Seeds 180g (48/ctn)
  • Super Seeds Half Baguette 160g (48/ctn)